The First #Oslotalks Event in History

Speed-friending at #Oslotalks (Photo: Helena Svele)

A Thursday evening in February, a group of fourteen people, who don’t yet know each other, meet up in a cozy apartment located in the heart of Grünerløkka in Oslo. They hardly know what this evening is going to bring them, but the people immediately start to mingle with each other.

A brief introduction is given by the Social Entrepreneurs RAUS explaining what this #Oslotalks thing is all about. It all started as a student project aimed to prevent loneliness and isolation through building a more inclusive and generous society. A Facebook page was set up and all of a sudden #Oslotalks had received 200 likes in one week.

This Thursday evening, young people from Sudan, Libya, Poland, Russia, Germany, Norway, France, India and Somalia are represented. Through games, speed-friending and brainstorming sessions, they get to know each other in a couple of hours. During the sessions, a journalist from the minority newspaper, Utrop, is observing and taking notes.

Time is running and in the end of the evening, the participants are sharing interesting inputs about being new in Oslo, getting to know people in this city and prioritising time with friends and acquaintances.

Participants at the first #Oslotalk. (Photo: Sibel Thorsen Kocabas)
Participants at the first #Oslotalk (Photo: Sibel Thorsen Kocabas)